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House Jargon: Ramblings

5 Feb

I'm not sure how I feel about blogging. Am I just adding to the noise of the world?

Ramblings shall hereby accord to the following guidelines:

1. Rambling, first meaning, as a wandering in the actual world (remember the actual world?): the post is generated by a walk, usually in Pasadena, usually a solitary walk.

2. Rambling, second meaning, as a piece of discursive writing: the post shall be thoughtful but swiftly composed and minimally revised. Tangents are encouraged.

3. There shall be pictures. Like the one included here, of a rather anxious-looking gibbon.

4. There shall be statistics. (WiP loves statistics, their fixed states like little lighthouses on the shores of chaos, like succinct testaments of a lived life.) Ramblings shall have the following stat stamp:

  • Date of Ramble
  • Number of Miles Rambled
  • Places Visited During Ramble